National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC)

and National Assembly Lady Spouses Association-NALSA (K) Prayer Breakfast Meeting

3RD July 2014, Intercontinental Hotel

The National Cohesion & Integration Commission (NCIC) and The National Assembly Lady Spouses Association of Kenya NALSA (K) will host a joint prayer breakfast meeting on 3rd July 2015 at The Intercontinental Hotel, to deliberate on strategies for promoting national cohesion and national values in Kenya. The NALSA (K) Patron, H.E. Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta will officiate as Chief Guest. H.E. Mrs. Rachel Ruto will also grace the occasion. Religious leaders, corporate representatives and peace ambassadors will be in attendance.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) is a statutory body established under the National Cohesion and Integration (NCI) Act, No. 12 of 2008. The mandate of the Commission is to promote equality of opportunity, good relations, and harmonious and peaceful coexistence among ethnic, racial and religious groups in Kenya. The Commission works through partnerships with like-minded Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, faith based organizations, opinion leaders, civil society, private sectors and other organized groups such as NALSA.

NALSA (K) is a non-partisan, inter religious and intercultural association of spouses of members of The National Assembly. whose objectives are to support cohesion and development initiatives at the constituency levels. In its unique position as an influential and non-political organization, NALSA has prioritized reconciliation, national healing and integration to unite Kenyans and promote respect for diversity.

God Bless Kenya.

  a. UWIANO PLATFORM: The Commission together with the National Steering Committee on Peace building and Conflict Management (NSC), PeaceNet Kenya and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) came together to establish a Platform for Peace dubbed UWIANO. UWIANO is a Swahili word that connotes “cohesion”. However, these four Partners were not only concerned with contributing towards delivery for a Peaceful National Referendum Process, but were keen to see to it that peace building and conflict management initiatives are scaled up towards in the just concluded general elections and beyond. UWIANO therefore, is a conflict preventive strategy that provides space for a wide range of partners, actors and stakeholders to build synergy and leverage their efforts for conflict prevention and peace building in Kenya.   b. INTEGRATED PUBLIC COMPLAINTS REFERRAL MECHANISM (IPCRM):  The Commission supported the Integrated Public Complaints and Referral Mechanism (IPCRM) an initiative of the Ethics...
Development for international Development (DFID)
The Department for International Development (DFID) leads aim is to end extreme poverty. DFID helps in tackling the global challenges including poverty and disease, mass migration, insecurity and conflict. As a result the Commission has continued to benefit from the DFID program. Some of the key highlights of DFID include supporting media campaigns with an aim of influencing the general public to embrace tolerance in an environment with diverse beliefs that often leads to conflict. A point in case is during the just concluded elections DFID through UNDP supported tier one radio programs that targeted over six communities. As a result the Commission reached over 10 million people with tolerance messages.  
European Union (EU)
Through UNDP, the Commission has also benefitted from EU. Hence, EU has supported programs. EU funds are transmitted through UNDP. Some of the programs that include; media campaigns, sensitization, training, reconciliation and mediation forums among other key strategic programs.  
Sida Kenya
Through UNDP, the Commission has greatly benefitted from SIDA in a number of ways. Consequently, SIDA has supported programs geared towards CVE capacity building on the need for peaceful coexistence. Other programs that have been supported include strengthening of Amani (peace) clubs that have been rolled out in over 1000 schools in Kenya. As a result national values have been inculcated among school children through peace activities in peace clubs. It is important to note that all the SIDA support is channeled through UNDP.
United Nation (UN) women kenya
The Constitution of Kenya 2010 provides a legal framework for the government to fulfill basic rights, for the marginalize and vulnerable groups. This is in tandem with the Commission mandate hence the UN-Women has in the past supported the Commission programs geared towards Counter Violent Extremism (CVE). Hence the Commission through the support of UNWomen has established a network of women in CVE in five counties namely; Lamu, Mandera, Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale. These counties have been hit most by the insurgence of terrorism groups targeting innocent unengaged youth. Through this UNWomen program the Commission has reached out to the most vulnerable youth through empowering women with skills on how to identify and rehabilitate the youth who already are members.  
Unted Nation Development program (UNDP)
The Commission is a key beneficiary of the United Nation Development Programs (UNDP) in Kenya. The program aims to address poverty, inequality and exclusion in an integrated and support communities and government achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth (UNDP Kenya). To this end, the Commissions key advocacy programs have been fully supported and sponsored by this program. As a result a number of women, youth, Community Based Organization among others have been trained and sensitized of the mandate of NCIC as well as their role in ensuring a peaceful integrated society.  

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