County Peace and Cohesion Forums

The 2017 General Election has been described as one of the most highly contested electoral processes in Kenya’s history. It was characterized by high levels of political polarization and tribal profiling across the country. Increased incidences of violent protests, destruction of property and killings were witnessed. These incidences exposed the existing deeply-rooted ethnic hostilities and levels of intolerance among rival political factions.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) in conjunction with UWIANO partners held peace and cohesion fora in various parts of the country. Targeting community members, and leaders, the fora provided an opportunity to discuss issues affecting cohesion and propose strategies for promoting inclusivity and peaceful coexistence in their localities. The events were held from 28th to 30th November 2017 in Kilifi, Meru, Isiolo, Nakuru, Busia and Bungoma Counties.

Among the cross-cutting issues raised were the increased cases of police brutality in handling demonstrators. It was noted that actions of the police played a major role in fueling the conflicts. To this end, suggestions of dialogue between police officers and local communities were made.

Unemployment, unresolved historical injustices and ignorance on the laws of human rights were also cited as contributors to the conflicts. The participants created county specific action plans that would help in promoting peace and cohesion in their respective sub-counties. Among the participants in the fora were local peace actors, women, youth, provincial administration, religious leaders, NCIC staff and Commissioners.




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