Research, Policy and Planning

Research, Policy and Planning

Research constitutes what could be regarded as the backbone of any institution as it offers empirical information that an institution can rely on to inform its operations and policy making. At the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), translation of research findings into sustainable peaceful coexistence among different ethnic communities in Kenya remains a key component of the overall strategic plan.

With this in mind, this department’s aim is to collect, collate and synthesize information on various issues of interest to the Commission. In addition, the department seeks to translate theory into practice through policy development, planning and implementation. The Research, Policy and Planning department will therefore work as a reservoir of information to the other departments; i.e. civic education, peace building, investigations.

The Research, Policy and Planning Department seeks to collaborate with researchers and analysts at academic and research institutions to develop frontier tools, models and carry out high quality research to further the understanding of cohesion building, conflict management and equal opportunities in Kenya. This way, the Research Department contributes to the foundation of cohesion and equal opportunity policy decisions in the country.

The Department envisages organizing workshops and seminars each year on subjects that are of interest to the Commission with participants both from the academic and practitioner communities in and out of the country.

The Departmental functions include but are not limited to:
a)Knowledge creation
b)Knowledge Management
c)Monitoring and Evaluation
d)Policy planning 

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